Buy CNP Professional high quality range of sports nutrition supplements for Fat Loss, Weight Gain, Meal Replacement, Health and Vitality, supplements at affordable prices and monster discounts
CNP Pro AminosCNP Pro Aminos
Amino Acids are the building blocks for muscle tissue. CNP Pro Amino capsules provide high quality protein in the form of whey-derived peptide-bonded amino acids.
CNP Pro Bar XSCNP Pro Bar XS
Pro-Bar XS contains 30 grams of our high quality fast and slow protein matrix. Pro-Bar XS is a delicious and soft-textured chewy crisp high protein food bar that is low in carbohydrates and simple sugars.
Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are believed to enhance exercise endurance and performance, through a reduction in central fatigue. An associated positive change in hormone status and physiology may lead to improved lean body mass and protection against muscle damage.
CNP Pro CLA 1000mgCNP Pro CLA 1000mg
Pro-CLA can help in reducing bodyfat whilst helping to retain and possibly increase muscle tissue. Reduce the incidence of breast cancer. Improve asthma and allergy control. Control blood sugar levels. Limit the extent of arthrosclerosis.
CNP Pro Creatine (500 grams)CNP Pro Creatine (500 grams)
CNP Pro-Creatine is 100% creatine monohydrate in its purest form. Pro creatine attracts water from various parts of the body and is transported into the muscle cell. This hydrates the muscle making it stronger and increases ATP (Adenosine triphosphate) storage, allowing the muscle to contract more efficiently (faster and longer).
CNP Pro Creatine E2CNP Pro Creatine E2
CNP Pro Creatine E2 ethyl ester is creatine at the end stage of evolution. By bonding an ester to creatine, we have given it a lipophilic (fat penetrating) property.
CNP Pro Dessert (1 Sachet)CNP Pro Dessert (1 Sachet)
Pro-Dessert a delicious way to include more quality protein into your diet. Pro-Dessert mixes easily in 150ml of cold water in a shaker bottle, hand mixer or blender and then can be poured into a desired container and allowed to set for 3 to 5 minutes.
CNP Pro EnergyCNP Pro Energy
CNP Pro Energy is ideal to be used for carbohydrate loading. It can be used the night before an event or training and can be used the same day up to two hours before the event or training.
CNP Pro Energy Bars (30 Bars)CNP Pro Energy Bars (30 Bars)
CNP Professional present a new fruit-flavoured, low-fat cereal bar designed to boost flagging energy levels and fill you up. The Pro Energy Bars contain real dried fruit and wholesome grains which provide a sustained release of energy that is easy to metabolise.
CNP Pro Flapjack (1 Bar)CNP Pro Flapjack (1 Bar)
Pro-Flapjack high protein bars are not your typical high fat, high sugar flapjacks found in most stores today.
CNP Pro Flapjack Bars (24 Bars)CNP Pro Flapjack Bars (24 Bars)
Pro-Flapjack high protein bars are not your typical high fat, high sugar flapjacks found in most stores today.
CNP Pro FuelCNP Pro Fuel
Pro-Fuel is a carbohydrate product based on maltodextrin. Although complex, it has a high glycemic index score that indicates the ease with which it is digested, thereby overcoming perhaps the biggest hurdle for those who wish to add weight.
CNP Pro GakicCNP Pro Gakic
Gakic, - Glycine-l-Arginine- Ketoisocaproate, is an exciting new product to be lauched by CNP Professional. Pro Gakic is taken within the hour before your workout and will help you to train harder and longer and this will, over time, aid increases in muscle size and strength when combined with a healthy diet.
Pro GF (Growth Factor) containing Nitric Oxide enhancers is a unique product containing natural ingredients for improved performance and recovery.
CNP Pro GlutamineCNP Pro Glutamine
Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid found in human muscle tissue. The benefits of Glutamine are many and research has demonstrated that high levels of stress can massively deplete this vital amino acid. For those who participate in intense exercise and sport, this will mean your stress levels will be through the roof whilst performing and upon retiring from your activity.
HMB is a metabolite of the branch chain amino acid (BCAA) leucine. CNP Pro HMB is of the purest natural source and research has shown that HMB may assist in preventing catabolism (muscle breakdown), which can often occur when performing intense forms of exercise.
CNP Pro HydrateCNP Pro Hydrate
CNP Pro Hydrate is a hypotonic drink which actively pushes fluids and carbohydrates into your blood and cells to ensure optimum hydration. This outperforms water or isotonic drinks which do not flow into the blood until you start to become dehydrated. A 2% loss in hydration can cause a 10% loss in performance so optimum hydration is essential for peak performance.
CNP Pro LeanCNP Pro Lean
Pro Lean is a thermogenic fat burner that can assist in the quest for a leaner appearance. Pro Lean contains a powerful blend of active natural ingredients that may support the optimal metabolic rate and energy levels necessary to achieve this goal. Pro Lean may also control cravings and encourage a regular eating pattern.
CNP Pro Mass (2.5 Kg)CNP Pro Mass (2.5 Kg)
CNP Pro Mass is not to be confused with cheap weight-gain powders, this is a scientific approach to gaining lean muscle mass for those with a fast metabolism or poor appetite. Pro-Mass contains a proprietary blend of undenatured proteins in the form of undenatured, filterated whey and undenatured micellar casein, with complex carbohydrates.
CNP Pro MR meal replacement is a high protein low fat meal replacement formula that combines dietary fast and slow proteins for optimum anabolic (muscle growth) and anti-catabolic (muscle sparing) effect.
CNP Pro Ms is a unique protein meal replacement formulated to meet the specific requirements of women. CNP Pro Ms contains a special blend of proteins based on the principles of human maternal milk and also contains Soy protein isolate, which has specific health benefits to women.
CNP Pro OmegaCNP Pro Omega
CNP Pro-Omega is the result of a joint project between CNP's research department and the world's leading experts in lipid technology. This major breakthrough is the first and only EFA product specifically tailored to address the health issues of the hard training athlete, with a lifestyle of intense, joint-pounding exercise and a high protein intake of primarily animal origin.
CNP Pro Peptide (2lbs)CNP Pro Peptide (2lbs)
CNP Pro Peptide is an advanced blend of bioactive fast and slow proteins (Whey protein high fraction concentrate, Hydrolysed whey, Egg white and micellar casein) that provide both anabolic and anti-catabolic properties, meaning less wasted protein and better protein utilisation.
CNP Pro Recover (1.28Kg)CNP Pro Recover (1.28Kg)
CNP Pro Recover is post workout drink that contains a blend of high glycemic (fast acting carbohydrates) and fast acting proteins in the form of hydrolysed whey and whey isolate providing a high concentration of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) that aid muscle repair and growth.
CNP Pro SoloCNP Pro Solo
CNP Pro Solo is an ergogenic all-in-one formula designed to support increased muscle size and strength. CNP Pro Solo is specifically designed to aid performance, recovery and the physical improvements that result from training.
CNP Pro TectCNP Pro Tect
Pro-Tect is a blend of Collagen and Glucosamine, which has been scientifically proven to assist in the formation of connective tissue (joints, tendons, ligaments).
CNP Pro Tribulus TerrestrisCNP Pro Tribulus Terrestris
Tribulus terrestris is an herb that has been in the spotlight for many years, and with good reason. However, you may be surprised to learn that the material used by the vast majority of sports nutrition companies is cheap, inert Asian material made from the berries of the plant, which is entirely the wrong part to use when sourcing the active ingredients. This is because only the berries play a part in traditional oriental medicine. Although Bulgarian Tribulus extract is made from the correct parts of the plant, the shoots, statistics on its active components have been dramatically over-exaggerated, having been based on outdated UV analysis.
CNP Pro VitalCNP Pro Vital
Pro Vital is one of the most advanced formulas available. Potent dosages of antioxidants (astaxanthin is a powerful natural antioxidant which has shown to be 550 times stronger than vitamin E and 10 times stronger than beta-carotene and lutein) are combined with perfectly balanced ratios of vitamins for optimal health and improved recovery. CNP's proprietary multi mineral matrix provides highly bio-available minerals and trace elements. One tablet also contains patented time released ZMA, recognised for its scientifically proven anti catabolic and testosterone boosting properties.
CNP Professional ShakerCNP Professional Shaker
Shaker Bottles allow you to mix your protein drinks easily and quickly. No blenders needed. Just add the protein powder to the shaker bottle, add water or milk and shake.
CNP Protein Slam (1 vial)CNP Protein Slam (1 vial)
CNP Protein Slam is a delicious ready to drink vial that delivers 27 grams of protein, zero carbohydrates and zero fats in only 86ml. Protein Slam contains a revolutionary pre work out formulation that has been shown to delay the onset of muscle fatigue.
CNP Sida CordifoliaCNP Sida Cordifolia
Sida Cordifolia is a natural herb that contains naturally occurring ephedrine alkaloids, which act as a stimulant on the body's central nervous system causing more energy to be used.
CNP Whey Protein (2.25 kg)CNP Whey Protein (2.25 kg)
Whey protein is known to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and can thus promote gains in lean muscle when combined with exercise and a suitable nutritional protocol.
CNP Pro Aminos
CNP Pro Bar XS
CNP Pro CLA 1000mg
CNP Pro Creatine (500 grams)
CNP Pro Creatine E2
CNP Pro Dessert (1 Sachet)
CNP Pro Dessert (15 Sachets)
CNP Pro Energy
CNP Pro Energy Bars (30 Bars)
CNP Pro Flapjack (1 Bar)
CNP Pro Flapjack Bars (24 Bars)
CNP Pro Fuel
CNP Pro Gakic
CNP Pro Glutamine
CNP Pro Hydrate
CNP Pro Lean
CNP Pro Mass (2.5 Kg)
CNP Pro Mass (4.5 Kg)
CNP Pro Mass (908 g)
CNP Pro Omega
CNP Pro Peptide (2lbs)
CNP Pro Peptide (5lbs)
CNP Pro Recover (1.28Kg)
CNP Pro Recover (5Kg)
CNP Pro Solo
CNP Pro Tect
CNP Pro Tribulus Terrestris
CNP Pro Vital
CNP Professional Shaker
CNP Protein Slam (1 vial)
CNP Protein Slam (12 vials)
CNP Sida Cordifolia
CNP Whey Protein (2.25 kg)
CNP Whey Protein (4.25 kg)
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